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Festive sniffs

by Nick  

Well, we've both been under the weather this past ten days or so. Ros has had a nasty cold, which is hard work when you're not allowed any medication apart from the occasional paracetamol. I finally got the cold about 5 days after Ros, so that we could have a comedy overlap. Whilst I am allowed paracetamol, the symptoms are naturally worse anyway, because I'm a man :-)

Anyway, I digress from the important message of the day, which is that, since it's coming up to Christmas, one should take time to spread festive cheer.

Yoda dog

by Nick  

This is definitely what you need when you're not feeling very well. Top pick-me-up.

A dog dressed as Yoda.

Anti-mind-control experiment

by Nick  

Fortunately, researchers at MIT have been hard at work to look after our safety.

But don't worry, there are alternatives to aluminium...

I'm sorry not to have brought this to your attention earlier. I must've been under the influence of agents of evil. As has been Ashley perhaps.

Can you tell it's Friday?

Denis Nordern

by Nick  

Out-takes are always entertaining.

Often even more entertaining when they're very sweary.

This man was clearly having an off-day when trying to film a Winnebago advert.

P.S. It's very sweary, so don't tell your mother I didn't warn you.

P.P.S. Has anyone heard the word fern (sp?) used like this by anyone else?


by Nick  

Just found a nice vlog describing how to use RSS, and how it relates to podcasts and iTunes.

There seems to be some entertaining stuff in the archives for this vlog (like Crazy balls) so I think I might track it for a while, to see if it sticks.

Amanda (the vlogger) has a smart, east-coast sass, although Ros finds her voice really annoying. She also had LASIK last week; viz...

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