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Meme of the week

by Nick  

Have you tried googling for March 20th yet?

Aren't memes great?

Whale spoof

by Nick  

It's been a while since I've posted; busy at work building podcasts, and at home planning nursery stuff. Fortunately, I can thank Alice for forwarding me the latest BBC spoof on last week's news...

Link in the title (contains a little swearing)...

~ Update ~

The author of the spoof kindly commented on my post within the hour :-) Muchos credit due to Pachey, who turns out to be just down the road in Stratford! Hello!

Festive 4

by Nick  

Well, back home again after Christmas chez Mott. Managed to pretty much avoid the snow, but was less successful at avoiding eating much nice food.

At times like these, when you're feeling a little stuffed, and have perhaps consumed a touch too much alcohol, it can be useful to exercise the mind. To this end, may I commend a little game of self-discipline.

Festive 3

by Nick  

OK, so I lied. It's not actually festive per se. It's a picture of some cats. Do you think they could perhaps be related?

Cat family

Festive two

by Nick  

Pimp my nutcracker. This site is child-safe.

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