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Did something sting you?

by Nick  

Indexed is a rather witty blog. Liked this one from yesterday.

She's written a book too.

I am a shape

by Nick  

I'm ambivalent about Mister Maker on CBeebies. He's overacting so relentlessly.

However, I love this segment. Watch it once and tell me it doesn't get inside your head...


Will it iBlend?

by Nick  


Google is curious

by Nick  

I notice today that the google ads automatically served for my blog are for:

  • A cure for piles
  • Penny shares
  • UK work permits
  • Weighbridge tickets
  • A cure for hair loss

I'm not quite sure what this says about what I write. Apart from that after this post, I'll probably get a lot more adverts served for the same things. :D

Anyway, I'm off to read about weighbridges...

Miaow struggle

by Nick  

I'm pleased to discover that someone has dedicated a blog to cats that look like Hitler.

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