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My favourite russian word

by Nick  

My favourite russian word is that for hat, which is pronounced (and transliterated) shapka.

In the cyrillic alphabet, it's Шапка...

What babies do

by Nick  

In case anyone hasn't experienced a nine-month-old first-hand, enjoy this...

Barack's cunning viral ploy

by Nick  

Barack Obama's campaign team couldn't ask for better from the Interweb than this viral. Rock'n...


Normal non-video-related blogging will resume shortly.

Large Hadron Rap

by Nick  


brrrrrap, propers to JK for the link.

Do the test

by Nick  

My old mucker James sent me this a few weeks back, and it freaked me out then. I've been resent it by someone else, so figure it's time to share...


(Original here)

PS. Busy few weeks - hope to post newsy things in the next couple of days...

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