Lovely weekend

by Nick  

We've just had a lovely weekend. Yesterday, we went to to the Birmingham Christmas Market on the train with Angie and Dave. It was cold (although not as cold as last year), and on arrival we warmed up with a coffee at Cafe Rouge, before meeting up with Rob and Hannah, and their friends James, Rachael and son Peter for a spot of Glühwein and Weißwurst.

Suitably fortified, we headed across to Symphony Hall for a free family concert by the British Police Symphony Orchestra. Great fun, with a very engaging conductor. Jess loved it - who am I kidding - we all enjoyed it.

By the time it finished at about 4pm, Jess was getting very tired (having been up since 6am), so we headed back to New Street to pick up the train back to Hampton in Arden where we'd parked the car. Then back home for pizza and Strictly.

Today has been a quiet day in with a nice Sunday lunch, and minimal activity. Jess has managed to continue her week-long track record of directing bowel movements in her potty rather than pants, so we feel like perhaps we've turned a corner (about time!)

How to spend money really easily

by Nick  

I was just doing some Christmas shopping online when I noticed that the MP3 store has opened today. DRM-free albums from just £3 including major label releases? Boggle!

Must... spend... money...

Photo time

by Nick  

Right, here are some of those photos taken in the past couple of months. First, Ryton Woods:

Peacock butterfly

Coombe Abbey Country Park:

Swinger Gnarly

Hatton Country World:

Pumpkin patch

Wellington Country Park:

Spooky tunnel Swanspotting

Warwick Castle:

The hills are alive Us


Windy Man at C&A

National Sea Life Centre:

Wow! Fish!

And at home:

Jump Hiya!
Say cheese

Back again

by Nick  

Well, it's about three months since I posted anything about what we're up to. We seem to have been quite busy - weekends seem to have flown by, and the evenings when I might otherwise post have felt very short. Jess is 2½ now, and thoroughly toddler. That is to say she is often delightful, occasionally a terror, and always hard work. 88|

So what news? Well, my leg has largely recovered from its motorbike bash. I still have a bit of a numb patch below my shin, but otherwise healed. I've had my bike back from the repairers, although that did take 2 months, which rather took the p!$$. At about the same time, my legal expenses solicitors wrote to tell me that the other driver admitted liability, which was a great relief, although it's still not all wrapped up.

Work for me has been quite busy, but I'm pleased that we're now recruiting for two people to work in my team:

That should help loosen a few bottlenecks.

The summer, having broadly been a washout, didn't produce a vast number of nice photos. I'll pick some choice ones later, but I haven't been keeping up to date with photo fixing lately either... We did manage a few nice trips, to places like:

Aside from that, we've amused ourselves with Lego Indiana Jones, and Wii Fit. :D

Jess is mostly potty trained. We're not having many wet accidents, although number twos (I quite like the thoroughly discreet US expression BMs) are not entirely reliable, I'm weary to report...

On the plus side, Jess's recent amusing new phrases include "Mummy, you saved the day!" and "it's very boogie". We believe that she amused Tim and Kev when we stayed with them this weekend. She was also good on her first weekend away from us, when my Mum looked after her here in Leamington while we had an exciting citybreak to Atherstone. OK, I confess, this was a dry run for a proper weekend away which we hope to take in a couple of weeks, after my birthday.

In the meantime, we're all pleased that Strictly is back.

Barack's cunning viral ploy

by Nick  

Barack Obama's campaign team couldn't ask for better from the Interweb than this viral. Rock'n...


Normal non-video-related blogging will resume shortly.

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