by Nick  

Martin Lewis is a fount of money-saving knowledge. Here's an article about saving money on nappies.

Easter present

by Nick  

So, after several weeks of trying very hard to keep quiet, it's now official. Bump is on the way, and is due at Easter 2006.


In case you find blurry black and white photos of 12 week old foeti hard to interpret, the head's centre left, with a bent leg sticking up on the right!

I can't believe they invented it!

by Nick  

Well, this is it, my first blog. Chances are it'll die on its backside in the grand tradition of the blogosphere, but at least it's here.

Oh yes, in case you hadn't twigged, the title of this post, "I can't believe they invented it", is a tribute to another great Dr Nick.

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