Coming up 11 weeks

by Nick  

So, what's new? Jessica sent me a very nice Father's Day card with a self-portrait. Judging by her draughtsmanship, she must take after her mother. Sadly, it appears that her pocket money didn't stretch to a bottle of whisky, although I did get a Robbie Williams CD so I can croon-along.

She's working out that these funny little hand-things are actually attached and controllable. She can demonstrate this by pulling Mummy's hair. She can also sit upright in her Bumbo chair (see below).

Ros is doing fine (apart from the pulled hair).

I've been feeling sorry for myself, since I've got a really sore head and neck - looks like some allergy or photosensitivity thing, but it means that I've gone all red and itchy. Yuck. I'd recommend you look at some pictures instead, cos they're much nicer.

Boo My new chair Waaahhh Uh Well, hello Nap-time The smaller one is scarier

All better now

by Nick  

Just a quick note - after being a bit miserable on Friday night, Jess perked up a lot on Saturday morning. So much so that she decided to have her first barbecue on Sunday. We had a few friends over, and had a fairly chilled day. I think that people were perhaps easing off the beer as it was so hot and also as it was the day after England's first match of World Cup 2006 (which, incidentally, was a very good time to go shopping in Tesco...)

This week has been very busy at work, preparing a presentation for IBM staffers across Europe to look at from Monday morning. It's been my first foray into using the latest version of Flash (8 Professional), and it's not been without trouble - they've introduced some 'helpful' functions which would be great time-savers, if only you could work out how to turn them off...


by Nick  

Jab? Right hook more like. Jessica had her 8 week injections today just after lunch. That's the first set, covering diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hib, polio and meningitis C. She was apparently very good, and wasn't too upset by them at the time.

After sleeping in the afternoon, she woke up at 5pm and started crying in a very uncharacteristic way. Normally she only cries for food, and even then not for long. This was definitely something different, a more pained sound, which is tough to listen to. She was making rather snuffly sounds from her nose, and looking drowsy, but didn't want to lie down, which was a bit silly, as she's clearly tired. We managed to settle her with some rocking and gentle stroking, and she's in bed now.

I suspect that tonight she may not sleep through...

Eight week pics

by Nick  

So, eight weeks have now passed since Jess moved in. News:

  • she's sleeping through the night (from somewhere between 7 and 9.30pm until 5.30-6.30am)
  • she's learning to punch the toys dangling from her bouncy chair's activity arch
  • given something to push her foot against, she can propel herself along the floor (scary)
  • she continues to get more interactive. Every morning starts with an 'ooh' and a big smile as she realises that the milk maid is coming!

We're doing alright. We have 24/7 garden power, and just have some lights to connect out there. We've had a bit of outdoor time in the evenings, as this week has been so warm, which means we're appreciating the new garden. Of course we're enjoying Jessica too, as she's so cute. OK, so we're genetically-biased, but she is, isn't she? You want proof? OK, here it comes (under the following remarkable circumstances):

Comin' at-cha Huh? Where's mummy? There's mummy! Shhh Family photo

Status report

by Nick  

Seven and a half weeks already. Time does fly, and so I feel I ought to write a bit.

Mum came up to stay for the bank holiday weekend, and gamely volunteered to babysit on Saturday night. So, we had our first night off since 10 April! We went out to Queans in town, where we had a really nice meal. A real treat.

Apart from that, the weekend was pretty much devoted to the garden. Between us we painted woodwork, barrowed a ton of pebbles through the house to top-out the new raised bed and did some planting etc. It leaves us with a few bits of plugging together electrics and some more bedding plants to do over the next week or so.

J is doing well. She's 9lb now, and passed her 6 week MOT fine. She'll be having her first injections next week. She's definitely getting more interactive now. Tonight, I was carrying her up to bed and as we entered the nursery, she looked up at me, frowned and started waving her arms frantically. Then she put her hand in her mouth and looked urgently at me. It seemed like a fairly clear attempt to communicate "No, not bed yet, I'm still hungry, stoopid!", so I took her back downstairs where she promptly fed for another 20 minutes.

Other endearing habits include her particularly cute practice of cooing and smiling when you give her a kiss - like a pre-speech version of Teletubbies "Again, again!". I really must video it for posterity, as well as capturing the contrasting full-on stroppy mode (which we also had this evening, funnily enough)...

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