Goldmark Industries, Inc (GDKI.PK)

by Nick  

This spam is extremely overvalued

Is it just me, or am I getting a silly number of these mails? So far this month, I've had 106 spam mails promoting an American stock that I'm never going to buy. That's 13% of all the spam delivered to me in July (819 mails so far)...

Annoyingly, a good percentage of them have got through my spam filter, since the spam content is included as an image, rather than as text which can be properly analysed and binned.

Hot stuff

by Nick  

I clearly spoke too soon when I said Ros was getting over her cold, as I promptly caught it. It's been well over 30°C for much of the past couple of weeks, which is not an ideal temperature to do anything much, less still when you have a cold. Anyway, that's my excuse for no blogging. Turns out that now I look back, we haven't even taken many photos of Jessica. Poor show, isn't it?

goldilocks Anyway, here's a new one. Whilst it's been hot, Jess has been distinctly stroppy (well, I guess it's fair enough since she can't fix herself an iced tea). We're all glad it's back in the twenties again. Now that we've been cooling off a bit this week, her repertoire of noises has changed. The coos have mutated into little squeals of delight which sound very silly, and make us laugh. She's also working out how to grab and hold onto things which is particularly entertaining, since the skill of letting go of them is yet to develop as much!

circle-of-friends Last weekend, we had our NCT group reunion, where we decided to meet up in Jephson Gardens in Leamington. We had a nice picnic in the shade by the river, and took a group photo (only small on here since I haven't asked everyone's permission). Everyone seems to be thriving, which is great to see.

Our other excitement for the week is that we had some big thunderstorms yesterday. We were out shopping in Rugby when they rolled in, and drove home as quickly as we could, as we realised that we'd left the Velux window in our kitchen open. It took quite a while to get back, since the roads were flash-flooding, with much of the route several inches deep in water. In our road, water was fountaining out of the drains. Unfortunately, we returned to a flooded kitchen, which took an hour for me to mop up. At least it looks like the only lasting damage is to a couple of walls which are going to need re-painting. Tiresome, but it could have been worse...

Happy ¼th birthday

by Nick  

So, Jessica was 3 months old yesterday. She's looking pretty good on it.

All the nice girls love a sailor...

However, for the past two days she's been very reluctant to go to bed by herself. I suppose we can't complain too much given that she is sleeping through (and has been for, oh, six weeks already). What we're hoping is that it's not a new character trait though - she's been so content to drop off so far, that it just seems strange to start fussing now...

In other news, she's got her own passport. It still makes me chuckle to see the note on the photo page which says Holder does not have to sign. She's also had her second set of jabs. Again, fine with the two injections, but snuffly and a bit miserable after a few hours. Fortunately, she slept it off and was suitably coo-ee the next morning.

Ros took her to baby massage class this week, and has been practising her effleurage. She's also been practising her éternuement since she's had a stinky cold. On the mend now though.


by Nick  

Well, that was a fine weekend, that was. Mr Andrew Gillski returned from Kazakhstan to engage in the natural prenuptial activities of the species known as Stag in Reading. A fine weekend was had, with a visit to Reflex and the wearing of moustaches to remind Andy of Kazakh-land. I was pleased to be able to sport both a Dalí and a porn-star during the evening, but I think the prize probably went to Rob West's fine Walrus. All I need are the photos...

...for which Ashley has sent the first batch:


Miaow struggle

by Nick  

I'm pleased to discover that someone has dedicated a blog to cats that look like Hitler.

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