Google is curious

by Nick  

I notice today that the google ads automatically served for my blog are for:

  • A cure for piles
  • Penny shares
  • UK work permits
  • Weighbridge tickets
  • A cure for hair loss

I'm not quite sure what this says about what I write. Apart from that after this post, I'll probably get a lot more adverts served for the same things. :D

Anyway, I'm off to read about weighbridges...

Chris Rees's wedding

by Nick  

I know, I know, it's old news now, but hey, they're on honeymoon so won't miss its delayed qualities...

Chris and Rachael got married last Saturday, when the weather was chucking it down only intermittently. We had a super day with friends; I sang for the service (which was a good service) while Ros juggled a small toddler. We stayed over with Dave's parents, who were delightfully hospitable. Sunday was topped off with a visit to Rufford Country Park where we fed toast to some ducks, wandered around a craft fair and watched mediaeval chappies do mediaeval style things. Anyway, with the whole Jess-juggling thing, we managed to not get any decent pictures of the happy couple. Since they were, rightly, the centre of attention, I daresay there'll be other pics of them. Meanwhile, we do have some reasonable pics of us.

Bored now Hot rod
Happy girlies Mad girlies
Bo peep Still a sucker
Where's my dinner?

Bird strike

by Nick  

I read, not long ago on the BBC News site, about a plane taking off from Manchester which suffered a bird strike. I didn't know that someone caught it on video...

Watch it at

Just shows how twin jets can manage fine on just one engine, even at critical times. Oh yes, it did land perfectly safely by the way!

13 months go quick

by Nick  

It's a bit scary to see that nearly a month has gone by without blogging. We've been ever so busy and there are so many things we've not had time to attend to. Ros has, of course, gone back to work now, for two days a week. Jess is ever more mobile, which keeps us busy, and with the longer days, she's waking up at around 5.15am far too often, which leaves us with little energy in the evenings to keep going.

So, what's new? Well, biking to work is successful so far. I'm averaging 12 minutes journey time unless it's the height of rush hour, when it takes around 20 minutes. It's economical compared to our car, at 50mpg, and I'm much happier being able to hop on and go to and from work without worrying about how long the bus will take to turn up. I say hop on, but of course getting fully kitted-up in safety gear probably takes 5-6 minutes at each end! The bike now has about 450 miles on the clock, so will be ready for its first service soon, at which point I can run up to around 10,000rpm, which will make overtaking easier. I've not done any hugely long runs yet - nothing more than about 70 minutes yet. Time is again the big constraint.

At work, I've had a lot on, with quite a lot of meetings and development work, plus two big photoshoots for this year's brochures. They're fairly military operations, with up to three photographers, and around 25 students across ten rooms! One was a Saturday, and another was in the evening this week. After the two days, we've added around 3,000 new images to our library - the joy of digital!

Jess is, of course, the main event. She's been starting to walk in the past two weeks - putting together 2-3 steps before sitting down with a thump! She's much more confident standing, and clearly enjoys padding around, especially if she can touch a hand on something solid for balance. It is a confidence thing though, as she's not actually holding on.

She's enjoying food - we don't know where she packs it really. We've had nursery days where she's started with milk, then Weetabix for breakfast. At nursery she's had lunch of lasagne with garlic bread, and fruit for pudding. At tea-time she's then had fish fingers, toast and yoghurt. Then she's come home and had cooked dinner of chicken risotto followed by a banana and fromage frais! 88|

Banana and spag bol in one evening? Bonus! Oh Daddy, you're just so funny

Mind you, that's not the only thing she's been eating. In the past month, she's separately managed to open a tub of Sudocrem and Drapolene, and cover herself with both. You'd think that they wouldn't be that appealing to eat, but that's not stopped her trying...

At the end of April, the weather was gorgeous for a couple of weeks. We bought her a paddling pool, which didn't appeal much, for some reason (probably a bit cold still). We filled it with some plastic balls, which improved its potential (great opportunities to throw them out, after all).

What a load of balls Oooh, it floats!

That pretty much coincided with the weather turning solidly awful, so we've not had chance to be out much since. Still, you take your photos when the sun doth shine...

On a mission Spring is sprung Heeellllloooo!

Anyway, it's now 9.40pm and I feel bed calling. TTFN!


by Nick  

Mental note: must remember to always close the bottom stair gate when Jess is downstairs. Things had gone quiet in the corridor so I went round to see what she was up to. The answer was that she was up to the twelfth step and giving me a big toothy grin and a nice wave through the banisters. Smarty pants.

In other news, the bike is now showing 105 on the clock. So, by a process of arithmetic, I've done 55 miles since Wednesday morning. Traffic has been surprisingly light, which has given me space to get more of a feel for the bike; leaning it more into corners, feeling how responsive the brakes are. So far, it's very well-mannered and positive, rather like a labrador puppy. :) I'm still only using the bottom half of the rev range, so you'd expect that, though. I daresay it'd be possible to show some teeth after it's run-in, if I wanted it to. Anyway, the commute to work from side-stand to side-stand took me 12 minutes this morning, and that was all within the speed limits. It probably took longer to get in and out of my protective gear and get the bike safely parked up :roll: Mind you, I was going in at 6.40am, since Jess had woken up at 5.15. We'll see what it's like next week, when term starts again.

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