July Jessica

by Nick  

Here you go. A month in the life of Jess (abridged).

I'm on the other line Biscuits, me?

I see no ducks Walk in the park

Choo choo Down there

Windswept Wherever I lay my hat

...and relax

by Nick  

Finally got through the past few weeks. It's been very busy at work, with preparations for the official opening of the building. It's been a learning curve, as I've been working with acrylic for the first time since CDT:Technology lessons at school! Fortunately, I've had a plastics manufacturer to do the tricky bits, so it's just been designing wall plaques and a unit to hold a 19" digital photo frame.

WBS Board Digital photo frame

That all finally went up last week. Friday was another day of very heavy rain leading to flooding in the area, so the University sent people home early. Unfortunately, with the opening happening on Saturday, my boss and I ended up drilling the wall mount for the digital frame shroud, and wiring it in! We finished at about 6pm, by which time the rain had eased, which made the thought of motorcycling home more palatable.

Saturday was the opening event itself, which all went swimmingly (pun intended), and staff party in the evening. Sunday was a fairly lazy day, and today feels much less stressful! Actually, we did have some nice respite last weekend, when we when to visit Tim and Kev in Fleet (hello chaps!) for some R&R, a trip to an animal park, and somewhere new for Jess to disassemble!

Meanwhile, Ros has been suffering with an infection on her chest, which has left her rather wiped out. Poorly bunny. I've told her to go to the GP this week, as she can't keep things up like this :( Fortunately, Jess and I seem to have got away without it. Jess has been rather cheerful this past week, which has struck us as a change. To be honest, she's been a bit off-colour (aka tendency to grumpiness) for the best part of two months; pretty much since the MMR reactions. So, it's nice to see her chirpy again. She managed to give herself a superficial burn on the arm by walking up to the grill a couple of weeks back, but seemed remarkably chipper even with that. (We, on the other hand, felt terribly guilty and like thoroughly bad parents for not stopping her getting that close.)

Jess is babbling lots, with the usual "Daddy", "Book", "Bye-bye" etc, but is also managing to give us tantalising hints of more complex word connections. The other week, I was singing Old MacDonald, and sang "...had a duck" - at which point Jess said "Quack!" That stopped me in my tracks :D This week I was counting: "one..., two...", and she said "dree", which was similarly impressive.

It's remarkable to see how connections are forming in her head. On Friday morning, I took her downstairs first thing, to give her a cup of milk. After she'd drunk most of it, she toddled across the kitchen, and pulled a pair of oven gloves off the peg and brought them to me. I thanked her (slightly bemusedly), and put them over the back of a chair and returned to making a pot of tea. She looked at me, exasperatedly, and picked them up again, and toddled over to the oven and pointed. "Ah!", said I, "you want breakfast". Fortunately, she's not yet learnt to roll her eyes heavenwards...

Anyway, I've got some newer pictures to post, so I'll try to do that later. TTFN.

Holiday pics

by Nick  

So busy, so busy. Blog hasn't really made it on the agenda lately, which seems to be a recurrent theme. Anyway, in some attempt to make up for this, we present the following. So, without further ado, some holiday photos.

Austria was mostly hot and dry, albeit with thunderstorms to clear the air most evenings. So, whilst we didn't escape the rain completely, it had much less impact on us than it seems to have done at home. Whilst we were away, we saw pictures of flooding in Leamington, which freaked us a bit!

As I mentioned before, Jess wasn't 100% well. She didn't settle to sleep well (not helped by thinner curtains than at home) and woke frequently and early. Sharing a room with her was not restful :( She was off her food a bit too; oddly, unless it was brown (eg bread, cake, schnitzel). For someone whose favourite foods are normally broccoli and broad beans, this made mealtimes hard work. However, as you'll see below, we did have a good time, most of the time.

You're funny, granddad Yum, biscuit 'Wiener Art'
Playing shy Fountain of youth

As we went with Granddad and Nanny Mott, we hired a big VW Passat estate, so had plenty of room. We visited a few old haunts, and went to a couple of places we'd never been before. Cue scenic shots:

Misty morning By the lake

As usual, we met some exciting wildlife too:

Wee beastie

(A bit of searching Mr Internet after posting led me to identify this as a female scorpion fly (genus Panorpa, probably Panorpa germanica or communis). I'm relieved to discover that it is entirely harmless to humans.)

Moving on, Jess also did lots of walking practice, when not making use of her buggy:

Off my trolley Give us a kiss

To be honest though, I don't know what she spent so much time smiling about...

Smiler Anyone seen a dwarf?

Back from hols

by Nick  

Hello. We're back from summer holidays, once more in Austria. Nice time had, although various of us suffered from illnesses and maladies at different times, which was a bit of a shame. I'll try to post a bit more anon, but in the meantime, here's a photo of Jess reading the menu in German:

I'll have the eagle en-croute please

(OK, I admit it, it's an advert for the Alpenzoo which we used to distract her.)

Twinkle toes

by Nick  

So, what's new? Jess has been walking for two weeks now. She took her first tentative steps about a month back, but then didn't really seem bothered for a fortnight. Then, on Thursday evening two weeks ago, she decided to go for it, and toddled back and forth between us across the lounge. She was pleased with herself, and we were pleased with her too.

Since then, she's been toddling more, and can get across the room quite happily, and the other night she even had a go at doing it whilst carrying a book in each hand. Show off.

Aside from that, she's been a bit poorly. She had her MMR, again two weeks ago, and she's been a bit under the weather since. She came out in the measles vaccine rash and fever, and separately got an eye infection and another molar tooth cutting through (tooth number 12), so we were all suffering a bit while that was going on. Today she's not been herself either, and got sent home from nursery for the first time with a new fever. Poor bunny. Fingers crossed she cheers up tomorrow. Anyway, we took some photos in the past few days when she was more cheerful. Enjoy!

Twinkle-toes The Zombie

I could work for Venture, you know

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