So, what's new?

by Nick  

December rushing on already.

Ros has a proud bump, and is looking very cute and motherly. :D

Aside from work, I've made much progress in my long-term project to rip all the old vinyl that's been hanging-around-the-house-not-getting-played-for-years into MP3s. Once I wrap that up, I'll probably share a few 'fair use' snippets for fun. My other autumn project has been a photography course at Warwickshire College, the fruits of which I'm going to have to dedicate some time to organising - quite a bit of technical stuff rather than focusing on the 'pretty', but so many photos produced...

Jess is getting bigger, brighter and bossier. She's lots of fun but relentlessly hard work. I suppose it's better that than supine! She has learnt the concept of the joke, and now has a surefire one which she proffers remarkably frequently. We've given up trying to come up with a new reaction... Want to hear it? Tough, nor do I but I have to several times a week:

What's grey and wibbly?
A jellyphant.

Finally, I've stopped resisting and bought an iMac, which is a thing of much beauty and omigod power. All I need is to make time to use it. It arrived on Tuesday, but I've not really had chance to do a huge amount with it yet, as I've had to spend best part of two days recovering the linux box that acts as mailserver and fileserver for the family. It chose Monday night to keel over and die. XX( Not helpful, but I suppose at least we don't use it for TV or webserver any longer.

Right, having been up until 1am fixing that yesterday, I want an earlier night, so I'm off to bed! If you want to keep up-to-dater than my rare forays into the blogosphere, you'll find me most days on twitter.

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Comment from: James

Tidy. Good luck to all of you!
Err, and happy birthday too, which I missed, again…

16/12/09 @ 00:15