Summer catch-up

by Nick  

OK. I get the message. What can I say? My excuse is that I've been too busy elsewhere. Over the past few months I've got my head round twitter, and tend to update things there. It's convenient to be able to write a sentence here or there, rather than try to construct a narrative after the fact. Also, whilst I've taken plenty of photos, I've not managed to keep up with uploading them. So, given that, what's the recent (and not so recent) narrative?

  • We have a new car, a Volkswagen Golf Plus, having traded in our 11 year old Mazda. It was shortly before the scrappage scheme was introduced, but we got a cracking deal!
  • We've remortgaged, with an offset tracker from First Direct. They've lived up to their reputation for excellent customer service. Can't rate them highly enough so far.
  • I've bought an iPhone 3G S which is just lovely. I'm turning into a real Apple fanboy.
  • Is this is a convenient point to mention my 'hackintosh'?

    A netbook running Mac OS X. Cute; see the video.
  • I've had another set of phototherapy treatment at Warwick Hospital to keep the sunshine at bay. So far so good.
  • Jess is happily three, fully toilet-trained, and looking forward to pre-school in September.
  • We've had our summer holiday, once again in Germany. We drove the new car across to the Mosel, where the weather was nothing special, but it was nonetheless a good change.

So, some pictures. Jess having some summer splashing fun:
Getting ready Jump! And splash!

And a few holiday pics. Enjoy!
CIMG1919 IMGP2644

IMGP2626 IMGP3764

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Comment from: Tim

Hurrah - nagging does work - nice to see some photos!

14/07/09 @ 22:09