Spills, not thrills

by Nick  

Had a motorbike accident today. Someone pulled out in front of me, and I had to swerve to avoid her car. Unfortunately, it having been raining, the road was a bit greasy and the back end slipped out. I ended up sliding along the road on my side for about 15 feet under the bike, thinking "ouch, this hurts a bit". Plenty of people stopped (I think it must've looked quite impressive), and one chap was quite quick to run over and lift the bike off my ankle where it was pinned. Pretty much straight away I knew I wasn't too seriously damaged as my ankle worked, and my leg still bore weight.

My trousers and boots did their job, and sacrificed themselves to preserve me. Bike is a bit dented where it slid along the ground - tank, indicator, fairing and gearbox cover are all bashed. I put ice on my calf where it was sorest, and after a couple of hours went to Warwick A&E to get checked over. After a couple more hours wait, I've just been given the all clear for bones, and told I'll probably just hurt a lot tomorrow, and for the next few days. Not as poorly as Alex who broke his leg in a bike accident the other week.

Feeling sore now, so I'm going to bed. I promise I haven't been trying to copy Alex, or practise my Mario Kart Wii moves in the real world...

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