Months passed...

by Nick  

Oh, what can I say. Illness, being busy at work, busy at home, domestic incidents and travel have all conspired to keep me away from photography and blogging.

After I last wrote, I was hit with sciatica again. It had me laid up completely for 10 days on diclofenac and cocodamol. I did essentially nothing apart from lie on the floor or on the bed, relieving the monotony by occasionally turning over. Didn't even turn on a PC, which probably tells you how bad it was.

It started to ease over the May bank holiday weekend, so I did a little bit of light gardening. Which brings me to domestic incident plus ultra. I won't go into vast amounts of detail (I've re-lived it enough), but the bare facts were: I had a hedgetrimmer; Ros had Jess at the other end of the garden. Then the hedgetrimmer jammed and Jess was crying. After calling 999 and four hours in A&E, we had Jess back home minus the end of her thumb. I still don't know how she got there, but she did. It was horrible beyond words. This story does end well though, since her thumb grew back within two weeks. Stem cells are bloody brilliant things.

Fast forward to June, and I had a ColdFusion conference in Edinburgh. I managed to book train tickets on the morning of release, so the fare was £8 return from Leamington. This was so ridiculously cheap, I figured, that I bought tickets for Ros and Jess to come too, and have themselves a wee Scottish holiday. While I was in the conference, they amused themselves by visiting museums, a city farm, parks and browsing the shops.

Asbo in Princes Street Gardens Me and my tractor

Wheeeee! The Krypton Factor

Together, we visited James, Cathy and their four kids, which was a good, albeit brief, chance to catch up. We also all went to Leith on the Saturday morning before the return trip.

Daisy chain Festival season

Behind you Don't look now, there's a Royal Yacht behind you

Lovely cranes

We survived the 7 hour journey each way, thanks to fuzzy felt, jigsaws, and a portable DVD player which I got free with Nectar points from Argos. Hurrah for Happy Feet.

Since then, we've been on holiday to Germany - we drove across via Eurotunnel and stayed in Cochem on the Mosel and St Goarshausen on the Rhine. I will post separately on that.

Jess is a cheery bunny at the moment. She keeps surprising us with newly intricate sentences ("Mummy, lions in the jungle are a bit scary"), but isn't afraid to revert to grunts and two word instructions. Good practice for teenagehood.

Finally, I bought Ros a Wii today. She's yearned for one for ages - the magic wand-like remote and fun gaming both appealed - so I decided to give her a treat. More Nectar points and good deals at the moment meant it didn't cost too much. Besides, we need some fun after Jess has gone to bed :>>

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