Back to the future

by Nick  

Oh pants. My back is hurting again. I went to physio on Thursday and after manipulation, it was pretty sore all day. On Friday, it got so sore that even after trying to work standing up, I had to leave work early.

After a weekend with no real change, it was still sore this morning. After trying some Pilates and a hot shower, I decided I'd be better off working from home than facing an uncomfortable commute. After an hour of that, I can't walk properly with the shooting pains down my leg, so I've decided to cut my losses and get on the Valium again to try to stop the muscle spasm. I expect that'll knock me out shortly, so I'm going to write a quick blog entry, otherwise that'll slip yet again.

Q. what do you call an 83cm tall, stroppy little girl?
A. Jessica.

She's been a bit of a madam this week. Luckily, we have found that she already has a sticker habit, which can be used for bribery. We think she's teething again, although there's only back molars to come, and no sign of anything breaking through yet. However, the symptoms of grumpiness and a very runny nose have returned. Ros says that Jessie's very much like me when she's grumpy. I don't know what she means. Harrumph.

On Saturday night, she wouldn't settle to bed. After going down at 7.30pm, she kept on waking up until around 10.30 when Ros went and laid with her. After a couple more hours hair-pulling and dozing, I took over, taking Jess to the back bedroom to sleep from 1.30am onwards. Not much fun.

Amusing comments over the weekend:

  1. Giving book to Ros and saying Read it!
  2. Climbing up the bookshelf and, when being told off, saying Naughty books!
  3. While I was fetching pudding after dinner, her calling out Mummy, mmnhm bnhnmn nhnmhm cake; OK?

Hard not to laugh really. Here are some photos. Then I suspect the meds will kick in and I'll be for the living dead treatment... wish me luck.

Hooray for Mummy! I like stickers (even from apples)
A woman's housework is never done Wheeee!
Naughty books!


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P.S. When looking at photos with bookshelves in the background, does anyone else find the books more interesting than the rest of the photo?

04/02/08 @ 11:17
Comment from: mum

I’ve just been looking at them!

07/02/08 @ 20:43