Festive sniffs

by Nick  

Well, we've both been under the weather this past ten days or so. Ros has had a nasty cold, which is hard work when you're not allowed any medication apart from the occasional paracetamol. I finally got the cold about 5 days after Ros, so that we could have a comedy overlap. Whilst I am allowed paracetamol, the symptoms are naturally worse anyway, because I'm a man :-)

Anyway, I digress from the important message of the day, which is that, since it's coming up to Christmas, one should take time to spread festive cheer.


Comment from: Ashley

“Chewie, I wanna hear a Christmas song, right now.”

22/12/05 @ 11:08
Comment from:

You think that’s wierd…

I give you this.

22/12/05 @ 22:28