Denis Nordern

by Nick  

Out-takes are always entertaining.

Often even more entertaining when they're very sweary.

This man was clearly having an off-day when trying to film a Winnebago advert.

P.S. It's very sweary, so don't tell your mother I didn't warn you.

P.P.S. Has anyone heard the word fern (sp?) used like this by anyone else?


Comment from: Ashley

“You’re disturbing my… what’s left of my brain”

16/11/05 @ 08:43
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Really, you shouldn’t blame me - this is public service really.

16/11/05 @ 22:38
Comment from: Angie

That’s got to be a viral right?

17/11/05 @ 15:34
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For sweary discussion about this from 2004, try this.

The Internet says that this was the CEO of Winnebago, trying to do a promo film for his retailers some time in the 70s/80s - this is the outtake reel made by the film crew. And I believe the Internet.

17/11/05 @ 22:39